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Not only do I love business, I love learning about business from others and for others, primarily my small business clients. Continually striving to improve — personally and professionally — is built into my DNA and those with whom I work. Which is why, during my recent journey, I made a delightful discovery.

Be sure and read to the end….

Create a Business That Works for You

One of my most recently discovered favorite authors is James Clear. His cooperation between success backed by science is intriguing.

James’ article entitled, Entropy: Why Life Always Seems to Get More Complicated rang true for me and my colleagues as we discussed the article during our Strategic Thinkers Mastermind Group. The most thought-provoking aspect of the article came near the end of the piece.

In a nutshell, James wrote the following:

You have a combination of talents, skills, and interests that are specific to you. But you also live in a larger society and culture that were not designed with your specific abilities in mind.

Evolutionary biologists use a term called “mismatch conditions” to describe when an organism is not well-suited for a condition it is facing. Obviously, when you are in a mismatch condition, it is more difficult to succeed, to be useful, and to win.

Knowing this, you must take it upon yourself to design your ideal lifestyle.

Grow Where You’re Planted

Moving on and building upon…I uncovered an email from Neil Patel, another favorite and skilled author.

During his podcast, Where Should You Focus Your Marketing Efforts First, Neil makes several poignant points that reinforce the notion put forth by James Clear.

First, Neil recommends launching your marketing efforts with your strengths. “I focus on what I know because that’s what tends to produce great results.” In Neil’s case, he is good at marketing and SEO, at which he is wildly successful.

Neil advises on the value of identifying and placing your focus in the area(s) in which you are succeeding. In other words, don’t try and be someone you’re not. Equally important, don’t do something you know nothing about — if you want to succeed.

Happiness Pollinates Success

Wait! There’s more…I discovered a third head-scratching and equally informing statement in a book recommended by one of my uber smart clients, Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, by Jeff Sutherland.

Quoting from a 2005 paper that conducted an analysis of 225 papers and 275,000 participants, Jeff shares, “Study after study shows that happiness precedes important outcomes and indicators of thriving.”

He continues with, “People aren’t happy because they’re successful; they’re successful because they’re happy.” (Trust me. This wasn’t what I expected to find at the hub of a book on productivity and efficiency, but I’m sure glad I did.)

In a business world focused on outcomes and results, happiness as an predictor of success gets shoved to the sidelines while everyone attempts to push their way to the front of the line…or so it appears.

Your GPS for Success

If you’ve read this far, thank you for sticking with me through the hairpin turns of my journey. And, congratulations. You are the proud owner of the one true roadmap to success!

Are you ready?

Start where you are happy and with what makes you happiest. Lead with your strengths and grow your capabilities. Configure your business to reinforce your happiness and your strengths.

As someone who has been in business for <cough> decades, I can assure you that if you’ll focus on these three steps, you’ll be personally and professionally successful beyond your wildest imagination.

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