Unconventional Business Coaching
For Predictable Growth & Success.

Business Growth.

Predictable. Repeatable. Sustainable.

Today’s business environment is fast and competitive. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. That’s where we come in — helping you regain perspective and work smarter, not harder.


Certainty and confidence in your
business vision and direction
ensure fewer challenges, lower stress,
and a happier you.


Understand the actions needed
to achieve your vision results with
less overwhelm and better


Alignment between your vision,
mission, and competitive
advantage cinches your ability to
achieve your goals.

Less Stress. More Fun.

Strategic business coaching helps you regain control of your business and shed the overwhelm and overburden of the modern world. As a result, you can approach your business with confidence and excitement instead of dread and doubt. And, as a bonus, you'll rediscover work-life balance with clarity, focus, and strategy while consistently moving your business forward.

John Lanza

Creator and Author

Hiring a coach was one of those to-do items that was easy to put off and I wish I hadn't. Jackie is versatile and helped me with my business planning (incorporating life planning) and writing. Her business sense is keen and her ability to distill the problems you're actually facing (versus the ones you think you're facing) is uncanny.

Diane Leonard


After working with Jackie for only a few sessions, I realized the significant value in the thoughtful yet powerful questions she asked. Her tough questions were a powerful tool in helping me solidify my growth strategies. The unbiased support was critical to help me reflect on how I wanted to shift and shape my business growth.

Mark Chapman


My business was growing quickly. I felt overwhelmed and feared that it was going to fail. Working with Jackie taught me to think strategically. She's given me a frame of reference to evaluate options and make good decisions. She helped me cast the vision for the future and identify the steps needed to get there.