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The Olympics found many entrepreneurs immersed in the pursuit of greatness. The incredible victories and agonizing defeats of the Olympic athletes kept us glued to the games in the wee hours of the morning and the late hours of the night. The personal stories of dedication and commitment of these extraordinary athletes captivated us.

The performance of the Olympic athletes serves as a reminder for entrepreneurs of what it takes to win at the great game of business.  Whether it’s competing for a gold medal, an increase in market share, or launching your very first business, entrepreneurs have a great deal in common with Olympic athletes.

Here’s what it takes to win at the Olympics AND business:

1. Work hard.

2. Stay focused.

3. Believe in yourself, your product, and your service.

4. Embrace the element of luck.

5. Build a cohesive support team to make your dreams come true.

6. Set inspirational goals.

7. Play to win.

8. Never give up.

9. Keep going no matter what your circumstances.

10. Dedicate yourself to perfecting your skills.

11. Take pride in what you represent.

12. Be courageous.

13. Display sportsmanship.

14.Being your best and winning feels great no matter what your age.

15. Play fair.

16. Be honest.

17. Hustling keeps you ready for the opportunities.

18. Identify and nurture talent early through training, coaching, and mentoring.

19. Training and preparing diligently gets you where you want to go.

20 Nothing is impossible.

Most entrepreneurs face much of what the Olympic athletes’ experience. And, like the Olympic athletes, with hard work, dedication, and commitment your dreams are within your reach.

What did you take away from the Olympics that is proving to be valuable for your business?

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