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I’ve been blogging for 5+ years. Given that, understanding the technical nature of an effective business blog is second nature (almost).

Recently one of my clients asked me to facilitate a blogging workshop for his colleagues. Participants were in varying stages of small business blogging—from having read a blog to actually writing one that was wedged in draft.

What made it interesting was to unravel what had become part of their blogging beliefs…and had them stuck in neutral. Their anxiety was palpable and I found myself holding my breath in unison.

As we chatted about what prevented them from blogging, three common fears emerged.

  1. What will I write about?
  2. What do I have to say that’s important enough?
  3. Will it be good enough?

When you considering blogging for your business, do you experience a similar uneasiness? (Psssst, just a hint. Do you notice how many “I’s” reside in those concerns?)

Anxiety Reduction 101

You’ve likely heard the mantra, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” That was never a very effective strategy to work through my fears. It feels like driving my head through a knothole in a fence.

Discussing fears, concerns, and angst—whatever you want to call what holds you back from launching your business blog—is an excellent way to expose them to the light.

Here are the highlights of our discussion that soon had their fingers flying across the keyboard and on their way to becoming blogging aficionados:

  1. Get out of the way.
    To put it bluntly—blogging isn’t about you. You’re not blogging for you. Admittedly, your blog is a business asset and a way of showing off your chops. However, your blog really is for your reader. Don’t focus on yourself. Rather, think about who might discover your small business blog and what they hope to learn.
  2. Start with what is of interest to your reader and passionate for you.
    Affection and fervor for a blog topic unleashes the blogging genies out of their hiding place.
  3. Commence writing your blog.
    In the recently launched Chase Masters commercial, the US banking business explained how “It took tennis legend Serena Williams, fencing champion Tim Morehouse, and the world famous Rockettes years to master their craft.” Guess what? I’ve yet to meet a born blogger.
  4. Be kind and gentle with yourself.
    Sadly, most bloggers carry on an internal conversation that would make a mother blush. Keep your expectations—and perfectionism—in check. Be proud of the fact that you’re actually blogging for your business!
  5. Avoid editing and writing simultaneously.
    It’s stressful to be creative while being critical.

To borrow a phrase from the world-renowned sports apparel giant, Nike, the next time you sit at your keyboard to blog, reframe your fears and just do it.

What has been most helpful to you in erasing your blogging fears?

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