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I’ve kicked off this new exercise program. As I was bemoaning my aches and pains this morning, I was also taking inventory of what it required from my day. Ack! I admit—I was whining about the time it was taking from my life. I felt a little like Jeb Bush. I could be doing “a lot of cool things” with that time.

I pondered this for a short period of time. I reminded myself of the goal I intended to achieve. It required time—and commitment—to bring it to fruition.

Admittedly, I previously attempted to achieve my physical goals without time, commitment, or effort. Talk about epic fail! If Dr. Phil was in the room he would say, “How’s that workin’ for ya?” Ahhh, not very well.

What was I thinking? A fairy godmother would come, wave her magic wand, and poof, my goal would be realized? Of course I was!! 

A goal is a goal is a goal

While mulling over my dedication of valuable resources to the achievement of my goal, I couldn’t help but make a comparison to business goals.

I’ve worked with numerous small business owners through the years. Some achieve their objectives quickly, while others continue to slug it out in a mud pit, languishing until they are utterly exhausted or completely burned out.

What is the difference between the two business owners? Frankly, it’s their willingness to commitment resources to the achievement of their goals.

For business owners who skimp on time, putting business development on their “to do” list rather than on their calendar, they continue to struggle. Business growth comes slowly—if at all—and painfully. For those who temper their dedication to their goal until glimpses of success shine through, achievement of their goals alludes them.

Whereas, for small business owners who dedicate priority time and commitment to the pursuit of their goals, success comes more quickly.

That’s not to say that it isn’t without its challenges, failings, and setbacks. No. That’s all part of the puzzle we call “success.” However, the dedication to the pursuit of worthy goals is what makes it all worthwhile.

My Advice?

If you’re struggling with your commitment—if your time is taken up by other activities not related to your goals—maybe it’s time you find a goal worthy of your time and commitment.

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