Entrepreneur Fumbles National Relaxation Day! What To Do Now?

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I missed National Relaxation Day (August 15, 2015)! ACK! Just my luck ­to miss an excuse-worthy motive to kickback, put my feet up, and do absolutely nothing…but relax. Ahhhh!

Isn’t every Saturday relaxation day? Should we really be working on our so-called “day off?” As any entrepreneur knows, Saturday is often a solid catch up workday—one without the constant interruptions and distractions of the typical business day.

In some respects, it’s rather sad that a National Day of Relaxation exists, isn’t it? One would think, given the collective intelligence of the world, entrepreneurs would have already figured out the benefits of relaxation. Despite our big brains, we believe we can override the system.

Who do we think we are? God?! Even s/he rested on the 7th day…as the story goes.

Close Your Business * Open Your Mind

I really shouldn’t need to list pointers on how to relax. However, if you’re anything like the “former entrepreneurial me,” you may well have forgotten how to unwind and let go.

If that’s the case, these suggestions are for you:

  • Unplug from all technology. And, by that, I mean all—not just some.
  • Enjoy your morning coffee or tea outside while indulging in an actual newspaper. (For those who aren’t familiar, a newspaper is “a printed publication [usually issued daily or weekly] consisting of folded unstapled sheets and containing news, feature articles, advertisements, and correspondence.” Once read, it was used to cool cookies hot from the oven, line the birdcage, or make pirate hats.)
  • Stroll through your neighborhood.
  • Listen—or dance in the kitchen—to your favorite music.
  • Allow someone else to prepare, cook, and serve your meals. (Psssst, learning to receive is a skill to be practiced.)
  • Take a nap.
  • Spend time in your garden—or nature—and let it feed your passion.
  • Treat yourself to reading something utterly ridiculous, without purpose, and unrelated to your business. Read for the sheer pleasure of reading.
  • Refresh your mind and body with a massage.
  • Escape to a private sanctuary. I call this “running away from home” when struggling to relax at home is everything but.
  • Soak away your cares in a hot tub or at the beach.

These ideas are merely a drop in the bucket of relaxation possibilities, designed to nudge your brain into recalling how you used to relax—before becoming an entrepreneur. What other ideas can you contribute to our list?

Seeing as how we missed the selected National Day of Relaxation, I guess we’ll have to designate our own day. Let’s name it (put your name here) Day of Relaxation, okay?

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