Passion, Performance, and Michael Phelps

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It’s no secret that Michael Phelps struggled to maintain his motivation after years of relentless training. After suffering some surprising losses in the US Olympic trials, many questioned whether he still had the passion for the sport. Even Michael questioned his passion. All entrepreneurs (aka high achievers) have days like that. You wonder, if only for a moment, if Starbucks is hiring.

Heidegger, a wise philosopher, said, “Nothing great is created without passion.” Sparking passion is an inside job. You’re the only one who can stoke the fire or fan the flames of passion.

How do you keep passion hotly burning?

Know Yourself Completely – Although one would think that everyone knows themselves fully, many know only a sanitized version of themselves. Try this. For the next 30 minutes, complete this sentence with as many qualities, characteristics, skills, and talents as you can.

I am (fill in the blank)….

Find Your Purpose – It’s not uncommon to lack a clear sense of your own purpose; especially if you’ve been trying to ‘fit in’. Empowered with a clear picture of your gifts, talents, and skills, jot down all the things you love doing for 30 minutes.

My purpose in life is (fill in the blank)….

Practice Being Courageous – Like a muscle, the more it’s exercised the stronger it becomes. Don’t wait to BE courageous. Practice BEING courageous helps mastery your audacity to achieve great things.

Hang Out With Inspired People – Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Inspired people are instigators.  They set off a chain reaction that energizes your dreams.

Passion – the true catalyst to a winning performance.

How do you fuel the passion for your business?

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