Never Too Late: Your Roadmap To Small Business Blogging Success


If you’ve been following along, we kicked off the New Year with a 30-day blogging challenge. Each day, for 30 days, bloggers and entrepreneurs who accepted the challenge, write and post a blog. The purpose? Drive more traffic to the website in order to generate more leads and acquire more clients. (Click to Tweet)

Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

Blogging every day for 30 days is not without its challenges of finding topics, time, and a few brain cells to rub together to make the blog of interest and value to your reader.

We’re more than half of the way into our challenge, and have covered topics such as:

Stop Wasting Time

Content creation, along with an inbound marketing strategy, can be challenging for those who routinely do business face-to-face and belly-to-belly. Having launched our business in 1997 using an outbound marketing strategy (i.e. attending networking events, etc.), we understand fully how to get results from offline networking. Over the years, however, we’ve questioned the real ROI on face-to-face networking. It’s the dirty little secret no one wants to admit. (Click to Tweet)

Given the amount of time required to drive to and from an event, plus the cost of the event, parking, and meal and/or refreshments, networking events have to produce a better ROI. This is especially true if you live in LA, like we do, or another large metropolitan area, where a 10-mile jaunt across town can eat three hours out of your day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not willing to give up that much of my time sitting in a car.
Get On The Blog Train

Can you tell we’re hot for blogging? Blogging, or creating content as the pros call it, is an integral piece of an inbound marketing strategy.

When we first read about content marketing in 2008, it sounded right. Perfect for the way consumers wanted to buy – and ideal for the way we wanted to work. Since that time, inbound marketing has gained in popularity.  (Read Why We Love Small Business Blogging…And You Should, Too!)

Once you look at the numbers, it just makes sense to get on the blog train and ride it all the way into the sunset. With blog 19 out of 30 under our belt, website visits are up 40% and leads have increased 144%. Now that’s what I call a lead-generation website!

It’s never too late to accept the task. Challenge yourself to the 30-day blogging challenge and see for yourself the difference it makes in your enterprise growth.

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